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Home.About Me.Reiki Introduction.Reki Training Courses.Treatments.Course fees/Conditions of booking.Feedback.Testimonials.

My wife and myself first found Tracy through an offer  found on the internet.

from that first appointment I have continued to see her on a regular basis and since being diagnosed with Parkinsons disease, a little over a  year ago, I really don’t know how I would have survived without her care and attention to detail, both physically and emotionally.


She has made it her business to extend her own knowledge of my condition in order to deliver the most appropriate care.  As a result of this  we have recommended her to a number of Family and friends and would have no hesitation but to continue to do so.

 She is highly qualified in a number of areas and even though she cannot cure me, the relief I experience from each appointment is worth it’s  weight in GOLD.




I had a back massage plus foot and leg massage. They were both fantastic.  Tracy is wonderful ! I felt so relaxed and chilled.  She’s a miracle worker.  Thank you Tracy !! You are amazing........Abi  Healy.


Absolutely Amazing.    Ata from Turkey.


Thanks Tracy for another great massage ! I came to you first about 6 months ago with lower back ache, and after the first session I felt back to normal.  It was amazing !  Even though  my back is better I still come back for more, as I do a lot of dance training and have a stressful job plus lots of travelling, your massages really chill me out.  They leave me feeling refreshed and renewed.  Only wish I could have more sessions !!  You have an amazing gift Tracy that helps many people and I am so grateful to be one of them.............. Thanks again ...... Matt


Had a Reiki treatment and really tried to stay awake to experience my first real Reiki treatment, but within minutes Tracy had put me into a deep sleep.  However hard I tried to stay awake my body fought to relax and sleep.  Best relaxing treatment ever for the mind, body, and soul, I thought Tracy’s Swedish Massage was good but this one , everyone should try ! ....Thanks Honey, Luv you, Trisha.


Had  back, neck and shoulder massage, didn’t realise how tense I had become.  Fantastic, massage removed all tense knots and found myself finally relaxing.   Would highly recommend and will definitely  be back for more. Thanks Tracy  xx.......Alan.


I was having trouble with a painful hip, so I decided to try a few Reiki treatments. After having a few treatments I was feeling great, - no more painful hip. I also feel quite calm and good. I would recommend Reiki to anyone - no matter what their problems are. Chris.


      Our Reiki session was carried out to assist in the relief of pain from an old accident injury. Being a professional driver, this recurring injury                      affected and controlled my driving requirements. The day after the Reiki treatment I had a 300 mile journey home. This took the normal 41/2    hour travel, and it wasn't until 6 hours after the journey that I noticed that I was pain free. - First time in 21 years that I have completed a  journey in a painless condition. Bill.


I had been having a thick head and decided to have an Indian Head Massage, after the treatment my head felt much clearer and I felt relaxed.  I have also had Reiki, which I fully recommend. I was feeling very tense and couldn't relax, but after the treatment I felt much better. Joe.


     I was having pain in my lower back so I had Reiki on my back. Since having the treatment I have had no problems with my back. I will  recommend Reiki for any aches and pains and will have more sessions if the needs arise. Marc.


I had a really painful knee form about 3 weeks. I had 4 or 5 sessions of  Reiki and at the time of treatment my leg was very painful, but by  the following week my leg was so much better, and a week later is completely pain free.  I am very impressed. Irene.


When I found out after Six months that my badly fractured leg had stopped healing, I decided it was time to try alternative therapy.   fortunately my parents had known Tracy for a number of years.  So it was there, where I started.  At the beginning I had no idea what Reiki  really was but Tracy soon made me feel at ease.  After several treatments she also gave me a few more ideas of alternative therapies I could  look into.


During many of the hands on treatments I felt various different feelings.  I also received a number of distant healing treatments which also  gave rise to several strange sensations.  It is my belief that Reiki along with some other alternative therapy restarted the bone healing process.   I also think that without the Reiki, depression could have become a problem ( as sitting at home for nine months can become rather  monotonous).

So after two months of Reiki the doctors said the bone had restarted to heal, then another month of Reiki and also some Homeopathy I was  given the go ahead to start back to work.  So it is, at this point I would like to thank Tracy for her time and know-how.  I don’t think I would  be in the position I am now without Reik.  I would also recommend Tracy to anybody reading this even a sceptic because without trying it  you’ll never know.      Thanks again Tracy    A T


A very relaxing warm caring successful massage. TB


I have never had a Swedish Massage before but  I can highly recommend it.  I was suffering a painful shoulder and arm, I could barely lift it  without flinching, so I went to see Tracy and had a few treatments of massage, also some Reiki which  was wonderful. I now keep having  top-ups of both Reiki and Swedish massage just to make sure.  Thanks Tracy,     Love and Light,        CYF