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Home.About Me.Reiki Introduction.Reki Training Courses.Treatments.Course fees/Conditions of booking.Feedback.Testimonials.
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Reki Training Courses





Hello and welcome !


Thank you for looking at my website and at the Reiki training I offer.   ( Training Courses )


You will find that these courses of the Original Japanese Reiki  are Easy, Effective, Uncluttered and Fun to learn & work with.  

 There are no written tests - just natural, pure practical energy work!



Why Train In Reiki


Reiki helps with all sorts of things - mental, emotional, spiritual & physical.  You get the same benefits as if you were receiving a Reiki  treatment. But now, being able to learn it for yourself, you can;


           Plus lots more !      ...............


Once you are connected to this wonderful energy, it is with you for life! no matter how much  you use it. However, I have to say, that the  more you use it the stronger and better it gets.


       What You Will Receive



How Often Are The Courses Run?


I hold Reiki courses regularly and they are informal, freindly & fun, either one-to-one or in small groups of no more than four people. We are

flexible and can work around your busy life-style to find a day suitable for you.


I also offer a separate days training if you own or work with animals, and want to learn in more depth, what healing can do for your animals &

how they respond to the treatments etc, etc..... Please see the relevant page or contact me for further details.


Please contact me for any enquiries, bookings, further information or treatments etc, and I will be glad to help.


Tracy Farrell NAMMT(RM), MICHT


07973 472837

01782 396980 ( Stoke On Trent )                                     








Reiki ( pronounced Ray-Key ) is a form of healing using the Earths own energies, which is also known as the ‘Universal Life Force Energy’.

It is a natural, non-intrusive, safe, gentle but powerful healing technique by hands on or close hand contact.


Reiki helps to balance the energies in our body and helps to kick start / assists the body’s natural healing processes, increasing the vital energy flow throughout the ‘whole being’!  


The purpose of Reiki is to help to resolve all sorts of emotional, mental and physical problems / imbalances.


Treatments are carried out fully clothed with you lying on a treatment couch or sitting in a chair.





 Helps to keep you mentally & physically relaxed



Ideal For




Plus Lots More